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Scope and Data Use

Our WEB sites are in some ways comparable to a publication that makes data freely available on the internet. However, in contrast to data in a journal, the 'reader' can select and combine data in our sites. Although errors may exist in data, our sites is congruent that the data are the best available in electronic form.

Users must be aware that our sites are also a base to other databases distributed around the world.


Data Use Agreement and Recommended Citation

By using data, or other information accessed through the site portals, I agree that, in any publication or presentation of any sort based wholly or in part on material so accessed on the websites, I will:

  1. Acknowledge the use of specific records from contributing databases in the form appearing in the 'Citation' field thereof (if any); and

  2. Acknowledge the use of the Web site facility,
     using the following prescribed form:

WEB site Name*. [date accessed] http://< the web site url >

* or any constituent part of the site web.    


Tous nos sites sont d'audience internationale, plusieurs sont bi- ou trilingues.